November 20, 2017

MSP loves senior shoots. And while this one wasn't for the yearbook (just a personal shoot for the lovely grad), we still had such fun hanging out with Miss Nik Levine and talking acting, photography, music, and her future.

What a delightful young woman! Nik was open to...

August 27, 2017

Every so often, MSP takes on a wedding where absolutely everything is awesome. For real. No hiccups, no problems, perfect weather... It's a bit of a unicorn, this ideal day. But last month we had one of these!

Nicole and Glen are two pretty great humans. It's obvious wh...

June 18, 2017

Go east, intrepid photogs! We had the great privilege of shooting one of our favorite couples in one of our favorite places a few weeks ago, and despite an insane drive time for an hour long shoot and the fact neither had yet experienced JT, Joce and Jenn were game to...

April 17, 2017

This was a fun one. MSP loves their clients, no secret. Nearly all have remained friends. And we check in several times a year, have dinners here and there, and have developed some serious friendships over the years. Life long friendships. These new friends are destine...

February 5, 2017

MSP loves geeking. We geek about a lot of things. Anything photo related, vinyl records, Super Nintendo games, all the Vacation movies. So we were super psyched when Charlie introduced us to the nerdgagement, and told us that she and her betrothed wanted to geek out fo...

December 28, 2016

MSP tries not to get all political or righteous. I like to leave the debates to the people who have either the brains to know what they're arguing about or the time not to care if they don't. But periodically I find myself drawn into internal debates simply by the natu...

November 27, 2016

MSP loves parties of all sorts, with all sorts. And did we ever party this month! We were honored to be asked to do something we rarely get to do - shoot a sweet 16! And it was kinda the mother of all incarnations of a sweet 16, guys. For Jackie. But who's Jackie, you...

July 6, 2016

From Disneyland to Maui and back again...I'd say the biggest adventure is yet to come. When I met Olivia & Ryan last year they were very clear on their desire for their wedding to be a fairy tale, and I'm pretty sure they succeeded! The day was absolutely beautiful. Pe...

June 17, 2016

MSP loves this time of year! We get great concerts, wedding season, and graduations all at the same time. Yesterday we boogied on down to St. Mary's in Aliso Viejo to watch the 8th graders there collect their well-earned diplomas and they were most certainly an impress...

May 25, 2016

MSP loves a comeback story. And Miss Becca Stoker is the best we've seen in some time (and we've seen a lot, folks). This lady fought long and hard for this achievement and has finally gotten her hot little hands on a college degree! Her idea to go celebrate this was t...

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