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We had a coffee table in my house when I was a kid, just like everyone else did. It stood right in the center of the living room, flanked by the couch and our entertainment center. It was a modular, Swedish thing with pull out drawers on either end and those drawers held all of our family photographs, the complete visual record of our lives. My mother didn't believe in albums. I used to reach in and pull out great handfuls of pictures - photos, negatives, slides, polaroids - and sift through the different hair dos, pets loved and long gone, my grandparents' old house and my dance recitals. All in no particular order. I was fascinated with those drawers, and the images they held.

Now I'm a grown up. And I have albums, prints, and digital files galore. And I'm still just as fascinated with images. The fact is, I love being a photographer. There is no better means of holding cherished memories close. And I find no greater joy than capturing those moments for others, and helping them fill their albums (or coffee tables?) because I understand the true value of a picture. Hopefully my amazing team and I can do the same for you.

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